Lutherwood Sunday

So I often times give my parents an incredibly hard time and possibly a bad reputation for a experience that changed my life.  You see we moved to Baltimore around Super Bowl time in 1992 (I knew it was around the Super Bowl because Mark Rypien was leading the Washington Redskins to victory over the Buffalo Bills, as I said before I am a sports fan, and I knew that Washington D.C. was close to Baltimore).  My parents told me sometime that spring that during the summer they were going to send me to camp.  I can’t say that I remember if I had any clue what summer camp was but being 8 everything is exciting.  The camp itself is a Lutheran Summer Camp which was about an hour west of Baltimore.  It sits on top of the first mountain you hit as you head west into the Appalachian Mountains.  

The story that I tell is about my parents dropping me off.  They loaded me up with clothes for the week, put me in the car and drove west.  After what seemed like forever in the car we got off the highway drove a bit more and then turned onto a street that had a giant stone sign that read “Mar-Lu-Ridge”(The trip wasn’t that smooth, they first tried to drop me off at the wrong camp but that is another story for another time).  The road that camp sat at the end of was around 3 miles long which was forever for an 8 year-old.  We arrive at the top finally my parents talk with some adults, they introduce me to a male and a female they called “my counselors”, they put my stuff under a bed and laid our a sleep bag and then kissed me, hopped in the car and drove off.

Now I know the experience was not as traumatic as I made it out to be but it is kinda a scary thought.  However, this place became my home away from home and later my literal home when I moved in to work full time.  Summer Camp became the place for me to grow into my calling in the world.  Summer Camp is a magical place where you get to have fun, play games, hike, swim, cook over fires, sing, sleep under the stars, find your passions, develop your gifts and connect with God.  The experiences that I had there over the years fueled my passions for life, creation and God.  As I grew older it because a place where I could learn about myself and use my talents.  I was able to take the incredible experiences that I had and create experiences for others.  I grew up in a place that was open, welcoming and inviting, it was a place that showed me love and show me a God that created me and this world around us.  I met a God that created me for a specific calling and a specific job in mind.  I am not just talking about becoming a Pastor because others became teachers, social workers, artists, bankers, writers, lawyers, travelers, dreamers, lovers and graphic designers to just name a few.  

This Sunday Lutherwood Lutheran Camp will be joining us at Resurrection to share with us about Summer Camp, Retreats, Group Building Programing but most of all to share their faith and their passions to help develop that faith in others and inspire the imagination of all of God’s Children.  So join us on Sunday and say hello to the Lutherwood Staff.


vicar andrew

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One Response to Lutherwood Sunday

  1. Kathleen Ogard says:

    I had wonderful times at Lutheran Summer camps too- One was in Washington and one was in Idaho. Kathy O.

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